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We are team of talented Oracle DBA/Exadata and DevOps Engineers are tasked with implementing structured policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and security of the entire database

We provide the most valuable technologies, such as Oracle Database, Database Migration, Teraform, AWS, DevOps, Ansible Services etc.

Knowledge of cloud computing is important for DevOps. DBAs Engineers need to have solid skills in Database Migration and database management etc.

Oracle Database 100%
DevOps Services 90%
AWS Services80%
Database Migration Services 90%


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DevOps Services and Solutions

Having a well thought out strategy and roadmap is a must for successful DevOps transformation. Our DevOps experts help define the right strategy in a phased approach with measurable outcomes. No matter if your organization is just starting with DevOps or undergoing DevOps transformation, our custom DevOps development services can help lay out the perfect roadmap.

Teradata Cloud analytics to drive faster innovation

Making cloud analytics and data perform better for you and Better together: Grow your business with our extensive partner community.

Oracle Database Service

Maximize your support investment, unlock the full value of your Oracle products, and control your upgrade strategy—with the industry’s leading support policy. Expect lifetime support. Expect control of your technology future—with Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy.

DevOps Engineer Training

Master in DevOps Engineer Certification Course Online DevOps Engineer Training Master's Program will prepare you for a career in DevOps technologies. Through this DevOps Engineer course, you will develop technical expertise in deploying, managing, and monitoring cloud applications. Learn to review deployment methodologies, CI/CD pipelines, & observability, and use DevOps tools like Git, Docker, & Jenkins with this DevOps Engineer Certification.


We are always on the lookout for outstanding talent to empower our clients and grow our organization further. So come join team flairpintech, where you can move ahead in your career and we can reach new heights together!

Geospatial Full Stack Developer


• Develop End to end web portal solution development based on Vercel, Firebase, Supabase on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) • Key - ability to build a platform that services geospacial data in a performant way • Ability to combine data from financial services, location services and bring these together in a user friendly way

Front-End Development Skills:

1. HTML/CSS: • Proficiency in HTML5 for structuring web content. • Expertise in CSS3, including Flexbox, Grid, and responsive design techniques. 2. JavaScript: • Strong understanding of modern JavaScript (ES6+). • Experience with TypeScript is a plus. 3. JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries: • Proficiency in React, which is widely used with Vercel. • Familiarity with Next.js, a React framework optimized for Vercel deployments. 4. UI/UX Design: • Understanding of design principles to create user-friendly interfaces. • Experience with design tools (e.g., Figma, Sketch) is beneficial.

Back-End Development Skills:

1. Node.js: • Experience with server-side JavaScript using Node.js. • Knowledge of Express.js or other Node.js frameworks. 2. APIs: • Ability to design and consume RESTful APIs. • Experience with GraphQL can be advantageous. • Experience of building API services to service API calls in the presentation layer 3. Databases: • Familiarity with SQL and NoSQL databases including Google Big Query, Supabase and integrating to application stack • Understanding of database design and management. 4. Other Tools: • Carto data pipeline and visulisation https://carto.com • Progress ThemeBuilder Pro Librarys 5. Geospacial: • Exposure in GDAL, Fiona, Geopandas, h5, Google Earth Engine to build APis and Data Warehousing

Vercel-Specific Skills:

1. Vercel Platform: • Proficiency in deploying and managing applications on Vercel. • Understanding Vercel’s build and deployment process, including serverless functions. • Integration with SSO services for user authentication e.g. MS365, Google, OAuth • Development of detailed user logging on services • Building data uploader functionality as well as reporting suites 2. Next.js: • Understanding of Next.js features like static site generation (SSG), server-side rendering (SSR), and API routes. • Ability to optimize performance and SEO with Next.js. • Use of Theme builder for Kendo UI 3. Serverless Functions: • Knowledge of creating serverless functions in Vercel for handling back-end logic.

General Development Skills:

1. Version Control: • Proficiency with Git for version control. 2. CI/CD: • Familiarity with continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. • Knowledge of Vercel’s integration with CI/CD tools. 3. Performance Optimization: • Techniques for optimizing web performance, including lazy loading, code splitting, and caching. 4. Security: • Understanding of web security best practices, including HTTPS, content security policies, and secure authentication/authorization. • Experience of segmenting 5. Solution Development • Ability to support discussions around architecture of the end to end solution • Participate in product development discussions inputting the direction of the product set • Input to middleware design including API services that require to be built

Soft Skills:

1. Problem-Solving: • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. 2. Communication: • Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to team members and stakeholders. 3. Collaboration: • Experience working in collaborative environments, using tools like Slack, JIRA, or Trello.

Network Security Specialists - Fortigate


We are looking for a Network Security Engineers as part of an offshore Support team based in India to augment the Network teams of a global logistics company. The team provides 24x7 support to the clients Global Operations and works directly with the client’s Network teams and local offices and warehouses. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical background in networking and systems administration with previous experience of implementing Network Firewalls at client sites.
This position will primarily be responsible for implementing, supporting and maintaining enterprise network firewalls and support other endpoint security systems and tools as required.

Responsibilities: The key responsibilities of this role will be:

• Deploy and maintain large fleet of Fortinet firewalls. • Review, plan, and implement firewall change requests. • Collaborate with client’s infrastructure teams to plan and implement new technologies. • Assist infrastructure and operations teams with technical troubleshooting and issue resolution as it relates to security systems. • Monitor logs from multiple sources (network and endpoint) for security events that require remediation, and work closely with infrastructure and support teams as well as end users during incident response activities • Maintain and upgrade network (firewall, IPS, web filtering) and endpoint (anti-virus) security systems for optimal reliability and uptime.

Skills/ Experience – Required:

• 6+ years’ experience in with enterprise firewall technologies (Fortinet) • 3 years of experience supporting enterprise network equipment • Past experience in Cloud Network Solutions (Implementation and Support) • Network/ Systems support (Tier 2 or 3 support) experience • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written Skills/ Experience – Nice to Have • Experience implementing and managing SDWAN and cloud security components • Possession of industry certifications preferred


Database Experts - Together We Achieve More!


Business Manager /Consultant - Oracle DBA /AWS Architect Professional/Terraform DevOps

A self-motivated, passionate and experienced professional with more than 14 years in the IT industry


Oracle Database Administrator

Administrating DB2 databases along with other types of databases like Postgres, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Rahul Kumar

Associate Engineer (Software)

Monitor the performance and security of databases to ensure data safety and smooth workflow resolve issues.

Ratan Giri

Strategy & Operations Manager

Responsible for leading and overseeing all operations in Organization make Strategize, and oversee processes etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Database performance tuning refers to a group of activities DBAs perform to ensure databases operate smoothly and efficiently. It helps re-optimize a database system from top to bottom, from software to hardware, to improve overall performance, which is here.

  • Why need for DevOps?

    It breaks down communication barriers between development and IT operations teams; the core value of DevOps is to achieve customer satisfaction and deliver its content faster. The practice of DevOps helps to achieve faster & more secure Delivery of business value to any organization. This value takes the form of more frequent product releases, features, or updates. It can involve how quickly a product release or new feature gets into customers’ hands—all with the proper levels of quality and security. Or, it might focus on how quickly an issue or bug is identified and then resolved and re-released.

    DevOps also help to achieve the following parameters:

    1. Increase deployment frequency

    2. The lower failure rate of new releases

    3. Shortened lead time between fixes

    4. Faster mean time to recovery in the event of new release crashing.

  • 1. Redo Log Files.

    2. Parameter files.

    3. Control files.

    4. Data files.

    5. Password files.

  • At the very beginning, it validates the syntax and semantics in the cache of the library before creating a blueprint.

    Data will be automatically returned to the client if it is already present in the buffer.

    If the data is not present in the database, it will go to the data files and store it in the database buffer cache, then transmit it to the server, which will then deliver it to the user.

  • Reduce the average time taken to recover from a failure.

    Increase Deployment frequency in which the deployment occurs.

    Reduced Percentage of failed deployments.


To help our company win, we work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers. We value our people, encourage their development, and reward their success. Communication is part of working together so, you have good communication with your team for better work. Our better working process is all about our teamwork together. To establish a process and work better together, people may propose many different paths, strategies, and agendas, so a preliminary discussion is necessary.


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